VERMONT – the name in luxury leather goods.
Expert advice and ideas. On time delivery. Superb local quality. Direct from the factory.

The Vermont Leathercraft Manufacturers story started with a single throw away remark that developed into a 34-year journey of design, innovation and growth. Early in the 1980’s Mandy Owen (current MD and owner of Vermont) started her side hustle by designing and making leather fashion belts and accessories in her spare room.  As the sales grew Mandy realised she would need to outsource her manufacturing to keep up with the demand. Over the next few years, Mandy became a client of Vermont’s and soon became one of their key customers. In jest Mandy asked if Vermont was for sale.  In 1987 Mandy and her husband quit their jobs and dived headfirst into running a leather goods factory.

Vermont has been on a long continuous improvement path and over the past three decades we have grown from strength to strength. Our factory consists of predominantly (95%) Black Women, who are well skilled and understand the need for quality handmade products. Although we were one of the first factories in South Africa to use CAD/CAM cutting and design to ensure a uniformity in our production, our products are still handcrafted and rely heavily on our skilled crafts(wo)men and machinists. The advances in technology have improved quality, production time and the ability to respond to new designs and samples. This has made Vermont the preferred supplier in the hospitality and corporate gifting markets.

Working closely with our clients, we can rapidly translate their ideas and designs into the finished product. We have a standard range of styles available that can be customised to include your logo, design colours or other specifications for a quick turnaround times. We offer low MOQ’s on standard items but can also produce large runs.

Most of our raw materials are sourced locally. We are committed to the use of high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced leathers. We offer a wide array of materials to meet our customer’s requirements and budget. We pride ourselves on being a full-service factory producing quality products that are fit for purpose and will be an appreciated item to any person.

In 2017 we decided to return to our roots and re-enter the World of Fashion bags and accessories. That September we launched Mintaka, the third star in Orion’s Belt and the third jewel in our production crown. We have kept our design and aesthetic to being timeless and elegant with an African Twist, whether Ostrich, Hair-On Nguni, Using beads and Shweshwe or raw edge trim. We have created a range that speaks of Africa without compromising quality and functionality.

So, what can we offer you?

By dealing with the factory directly we can make to your specifications and needs be it:

  • Bespoke corporate gifts such as A4 Folders, Travel Wallets or conference gifts.
  • Hospitality amenities such as Room Folders, Menu Covers or Desk blotters made to suit your décor
  • Fashion bags, travel bags wallets or purses off the shelf through Mintaka
  • Our “White Label” range is available to be branded according to your needs.

Contact us. Let’s meet, have a coffee and do business.